One of life’s greatest challenges is finding that perfect balance between your professional and personal interests. This is nowhere more applicable than in the healthcare industry, where the demands of the job can leave even the most hardy of professionals tired and unmotivated at the end of the day. Wouldn’t it be great to spend all day working in a field that reflected your own interests and passions?

Thankfully, our Advanced Training in Dermatology professional degree is here to get you started on the journey to a new, exciting career!

Great Pay and More Hours for Personal Time at The End of The Day

By turning your passion for health, beauty, skin care, and anti-ageing into a dermatology career you are essentially upskilling into a position with great pays, superior benefits, and allows for more flexibility timewise. Dermatology practices function on traditional working hours so you’ll rarely have to come in on weekends or holidays. Traditional working hours can give you the gift of quality time with your loved ones, and reduce having to sacrifice important moments with family and friends.

Plus, a dermatology practice also has more manageable patient loads in comparison to hospitals and larger healthcare systems. Because the workload is significantly lessened,  you’re able to focus on delivering quality, compassionate care to your patients on a more personal level.

This attentive approach to healthcare allows you to forge genuine relationships with those in your care, leaving you satisfied with your accomplishments and fulfilled at the end of your workday. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day in a field that you love, with competitive pay, better work satisfaction, and the benefit of traditional hours for home life?  Let’s get started!

The Who, What, and Why of Advanced Training in Dermatology

World-renowned dermatologist, Dr Perry Robins, created Advanced Training in Dermatology for Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants who are searching for career advancement, fulfilment, and stability. It provides an ideal opportunity to combine a passion for skin care, beauty, and anti-aging with a professional degree.

Advanced Training in Dermatology is an easily accessible online program featuring in-depth lectures presented by highly-experienced, practising dermatology experts. There are no time constraints or deadlines, so you’re able to view any lecture, at any time, while studying at your leisure. Once you’ve completed the learning modules and are satisfied with your progress, you can take final assessments to earn your Certificate of Completion, as well as 15 continuing education credits (jointly provided by Creighton University Health Science Continuing Education).

What Can I Learn From The Program?

Advanced Training in Dermatology arms you with the knowledge to make valuable contributions as a trusted provider in a practice from the get-go. The program will teach you the following:

  • Dermatology and anatomy specific terminology.
  • Identification of 60+ common dermatologic conditions.
  • Overview of common office procedures and your role.
  • Preparation for in-office procedures and biopsies.
  • Skin care and anti-aging routine recommendations.
  • Wound care approaches and techniques.
  • Recognizing and managing patient complications and emergencies.
  • Patient counselling, including preparing for a procedure, post-procedure instructions, as well as follow-up care.

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Dermatology Specialist Today!

Unlock your career potential and find the flexibility, fulfilment, and balance you’ve been seeking with Advanced Training in Dermatology. Enroll today! For further information, please head over to our website:

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