Rising patient populations means a growing demand for highly trained medical staff. The benefits to the patient, the practice and the patient care team who receive the advanced training is immense. We take a look at how medical practices are improving their service offering by encouraging their staff to further their education online, as well as the benefits that follow.

Happier More Productive Staff

Many practices, often unknowingly and very innocently, neglect their staff by not offering any opportunities for additional learning. There are many reasons for this; they are too busy, they think it’s too expensive, they don’t know the benefits, or they just don’t think about it. But with e-learning fast overtaking traditional study methods as a way to advanced education, it is now easy for physicians to find training opportunities for their patient care teams, improving the efficiency of the office by increasing the team’s skills. Patient care teams can now complete an online course in Dermatology. They can do this while continuing with their full-time work. By the end of the course, they’ll have additional qualifications and skills to their name, allowing your practice to provide an increased model of care. By investing in people, you invest in your practice. By investing in people, you show them you care about their future, and they often reward you with loyalty. Happier staff are more productive staff.   

Increased Practice Efficiency

A team of RNs, NPs, PAs and MAs are not just assistants: they are licensed medical service providers who work very closely with their attending physician. When they are well educated and experienced, that can play a vital role in the care that medical practice offers, providing huge assistance to the physician. Current education programs for these vital practitioners provide little dermatology speciality education, creating a need for additional training before they can effectively contribute to a practice. Many physicians rely on on-the-job training, but the quality of this can be inconsistent and finding staff with previous dermatology practice experience can be a challenge. By having a standardized process to provide all team members with advanced and ongoing training, you can create a more holistic and efficient approach to patient care, raising the entire level of the practice. Physicians can now trust their staff to assist them in optimizing the patient experience and anticipate their needs. This leaves them free to focus instead on key medical and aesthetic skin treatments. In essence, making your team more efficient and knowledgeable, and the physician more productive and effective.

Improved Patient Experience

By offering a more comprehensive or global approach to dermatological healthcare, you are bridging the gap between the physician and the care team, offering more of a team approach that was used in the past. This benefits everyone in the practice making it a more comfortable and happy place to work. Patients always notice and appreciate the difference in care that a more well-trained staff can provide. Better training allows for better patient counseling, both before and after physician treatment, and an increased ability to handle follow-ups and emergencies more effectively.

Improved Insights and Knowledge Base of Your Assistants

There’s an old saying, “The better you are at something, the more you enjoy it”. The same applies to healthcare, whose practitioners are by the very nature of their chosen field, always learning. By offering them opportunities to improve their insights and knowledge, you are also offering personal growth and personal and financial rewards. Gaining more knowledge and a qualification like Advanced Training in Dermatology will validate their self-belief, allow them to play a more purposeful role in their job with greater confidence.  

Building a team of dermatology professionals will make your practice a more efficient and happy place for employees and patients alike. Contact us to find out more.

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