Advanced Training in Dermatology can prepare you for a better career in dermatology

Combine your love of beauty, skin and anti-aging… with your professional degree!

Dermatology practices hire RNs, NPs and PAs as key members of their Dermatology Care Team. Be responsible for patient intake, assist with medical and aesthetic procedures, patient counseling, and more!

Working in a dermatology practice has many advantages including traditional office hours that rarely include weekends or holidays, and often better salaries and benefits than a hospital or large health system! And, with more manageable patient loads, you get to focus on quality patient care.

Created by world renowned dermatologist, Dr Perry Robins, this training is designed especially for RNs, NPs and PAs and other health care professionals who are interested in skin, health, and anti-aging and want better careers to receive the dermatology-focused education that hiring practices value. Learn more about the entire team here.


“Advanced Training in Dermatology is great.  The program is thorough and concise, offers and great foundation, and expands the depth of knowledge. I wish I had known about the program when I first started derm. I am excited about the program and have already recommended it to others interested in dermatology careers!”          ~Emily B NP


“Advanced Training in Dermatology is outstanding! This program has allowed me to exponentially expand my knowledge base.  The lectures are engaging and provide a comprehensive foundation. The on-line format allows for flexibility in terms of scheduling and reviewing content on an ongoing basis. I am most grateful to have the opportunity to further my education in dermatology.”          ~Lisa BA MS RN

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Comments from the Facebook community on what medical specialty is most desirable…..

From a PA in St Louis

“Derm for the perfect balance of surgery and solving problems / and the 4 day work week 😊 I love my job”

From a Physician Assistant

“Financially and for the hours derm.”

A career in dermatology can offer traditional work hours with no weekend, nights or on-call hours, a better quality of life, more manageable patient loads, and career advancement opportunities!

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A career in dermatology can provide better hours, better career opportunities, and better quality of life!  Learn more and see if a career in dermatology is for you!


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